10-9-2018 FlexEnergy Delivers Expanded Field Power Solution to National Fuel Gas Midstream Company, LLC

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (September 10, 2018) – FlexEnergy Inc. today announced that National Fuel Gas Midstream Company, LLC, a division of National Fuel Gas, has purchased an additional Flex Turbine® for a dehydration site they are constructing. The new unit will bring the total number of Flex Turbines in service with this customer to 12 at four separate sites when commissioned in 2019. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The Flex Turbine uses proprietary technology and design to generate electric power from any natural gas source, including wellhead gas and tank vapors, and successfully operates on wet rich gas, lean gas and gas containing hydrogen sulfide. The Flex Turbine’s wide fuel tolerance, modularity, reliability and on-site flexibility makes the FlexEnergy power solution uniquely adaptable to diverse operating environments, including remote frontier locations.

In addition to the purchase of the Flex Turbine units, the customer has engaged FlexEnergy for a 10-year FlexCare service and maintenance contract. Over the duration of the service agreement, FlexEnergy will provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the deployed units. The Flex Turbine requires only one eight-hour scheduled maintenance interval per year, providing for high uptime.

The Flex Turbines purchased by National Fuel Gas Midstream Company LLC are GT333S models and deployed to compressor stations in western Pennsylvania to meet the growing natural gas transportation needs of the region. The Flex Turbines are powered by high pressure natural gas sourced from the compressor stations, so no utility infrastructure construction or cost is required.

Andrew Pappal with National Fuel Gas Midstream Company, LLC, manager of the selection of equipment and construction of the compressor stations for National Fuel Gas, said, “We chose FlexEnergy turbines for their reliability, low sound and direct factory support. National Fuel Gas is extremely pleased with FlexEnergy’s performance.”

Mark Schnepel, President of FlexEnergy said: “This repeat order from an existing customer is a testimonial to the effectiveness of our patented technology and our ability to provide solutions for clean, reliable and cost-effective field power. Flex Turbines are now providing five megawatts of electric power to multiple customers in the Marcellus region. Our solution offers energy companies, including producers and midstream operators, a power solution with documented 99.5 percent uptime, typically a more reliable power option than the utility grid.”

Schnepel continued: “Our solution offers midstream companies and E&P operators a reliable field power solution with the lowest total cost of power over the life of the asset, quiet operations, minimal environmental impact, lowest available emissions and wide fuel tolerance. Being able to use the natural gas available on site without any special configuration from the factory makes adoption of the Flex Turbine simple and easy.”