15-6-2016 FlexEnergy Announces Multiple Unit Order for New York Hospital

Portsmouth, N.H.– FlexEnergy Inc announced today that it received an order for three GT333S natural gas microturbine generators for a New York Hospital. Quad Energy, FlexEnergy’s distributor for New York secured the order, which is expected to be commissioned in the fall, 2016.

“FlexEnergy’s highly efficient and extremely low emission microturbines are an important part of many organizations long term energy efficiency strategies, and an important way to reduce harmful emissions that have a negative effect on our environment,” said Mark Schnepel, President and Chief Executive Officer at FlexEnergy.

The clean burning natural gas-fueled GT333S microturbine’s will be installed in a combined heat and power application to produce 75% of the facility’s electric power and 125 psi steam using a co-fired steam boiler. The combined 1MW system will operate in a grid connect configuration at over 80 percent system efficiency, which will significantly lower the site’s grid reliance and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The system is also capable of operating independent of the electricity grid and will also provide necessary emergency power to the hospital in cases of electricity grid interruption.

“FlexEnergy’s tried and proven synchronous generator design allows our products to seamlessly provide power to the buildings critical loads in the event of an electric utility interruption,” said Douglas Demaret, FlexEnergy’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our use of proven power generation technology allows us to be the only microturbine manufacturer capable of offering this important benefit,” added Mr. Demaret.

The FlexEnergy based cogeneration system will result in a 90% reduction in Nox and CO emissions compared with traditional energy sources.