Green Gas Germany GmbH

Green Gas Germany operates the Landfill Gas to Energy project since 2000 in the Hessen area. Currently Green Gas operates one engine with a capacity of 501 kWel and arranges the distribution and marketing of the electricity generated. Due to lowering gas quality and reducing gas quantities over the recent years, Green Gas has downscaled the project based upon availability of gas resources from 717 kWel at the start of the project to currently one CHP with a capacity of 501kWel to the satisfaction of client and project partners. Furthermore, with the installation of its patened low-methane-kit, Green Gas Germany is able to utilize landfill gas with methane contents of less than 35% CH4.

Green Gas International

Customer: Abfall-Wirtschafts-Service GmbH, Büttelborn
Project name: Büttelborn
Region: Büttelborn (Hessen)
Partner: Riedwerke Kreis Groß-Gerau Start date: 2004
Activities: Project Development, Construction, Operation
Tech used: CHP
Type of gas: Landfill Gas
kWel: 501
Prospectiv annual emission reduction in tons CO2eq: 22,700