About us

Rogier van Eden
Founder CEO​​​​
After his study Mechanical Engineering in Rotterdam, Rogier was active as an entrepreneur in several start-ups in the Industrial Maintenance and Industrial Material Handling Solutions business.
He has been involved in several Energy Conversion projects since 1998, such as gas turbine projects and energy storage projects, both in the development of new technologies and in new projects. EECT Turbomachinery BV is one of the companies he has founded and successfully commissioned many projects.

Xavier van der Putten
Director Business Development
After his Master’s Degree Dutch Law at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam Xavier became an entrepreneur in Energy related businesses.
He started his career in the early 80’s with Norsk Hydro in the fertilizer business living in Norway for 4 years. He became Managing Director of an aluminum trading company early 2002 and since 2008 he is involved in the Heron gas turbine project in various commercial, financial and legal aspects. He is co-founder of several energy related companies. He has successfully commissioned several energy projects with EECT Turbomachinery BV.