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EnergyNest: Masdar Pilot

Masdar Institute of Science & Technology and EnergyNest AS initiated a comprehensive joint research project in 2013 for the building and testing a 2 x 500 kWhth EnergyNest-type Thermal Energy Storage (TES) pilot.

Electric Power Generation from low caloric Landfill Gas buy using the Gas Tandem Mixer

Green Gas Germany operates the Landfill Gas to Energy project since 2000 in the Hessen area. Currently Green Gas operates one engine with a capacity of 501 kWel and arranges the distribution and marketing of the electricity generated.


The Flex Turbine™ is ideal for wastewater treatment plants, agricultural and animal waste processing plants, dairies and other biogas applications because of its ability to generate clean electricity from digester gas methane while producing hot water to optimize digester conditions.

Ener-Core EC250 Powerstation

The Ener-Core Powerstation EC250 is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low pressure, low quality gases which typically cannot be utilized or even flared.

EECT Turbomachinery BV

EECT Turbomachinery BV is an independent and leading technology partner with the main purpose to offer technologically advanced equipment and energy systems.
Operating together with a global network of unique industrial players, we provide the latest state-of-the-art proven technologies and processes.
Our value is in the ability to have chosen excellent partners with extensive know-how which allowed us to guarantee the commercial reliability requirements and product quality.
The partnership established between some important companies in the sector and EECT Turbomachinery BV makes it possible to capitalize each other's experience and expertise, also obtained in commissioning of projects and in the design and construction of equipment and energy systems.
Our devices are now installed across Europe, in a variety of industrial applications ranging from chemical industries, refineries, foodindustry, hospitals, etc.
We have combined our strengths and our expertise and made a team of experienced engineers able to solve the various problems in the field of energy and energy conservation.

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EECT is an Authorized Distributor and Service Provider for:
- Ener-Core Inc.
- FlexEnergy
- Green Gas Germany GmbH
- EnergyNest

Latest press release

Tata Steel’s lighthouse efficiency measure in IJmuiden plant to compensate for annual CO2 emissions of 90.000 cars
Concrete benefits from utilizing waste heat with innovative Thermal Energy Storage

Tata Steel operates one of Europe’s largest steel production facilities in IJmuiden / Netherlands. Currently, large energy potentials are released to the atmosphere, through intermittent high temperature exhaust gases. Implicit economic benefits of this waste heat remain untapped. Finding an effective way to recover and reuse this energy will not only yield attractive economic returns, but also significant CO2 emission reductions.

In order to fully utilize such effects, Tata Steel is now commencing the implementation of an EnergyNest Thermal Energy Storage (TES) demo project as a ‘lighthouse initiative’. The IJmuiden demo will utilize exhaust gas energy from steel production to cover own energy demands in the facility – resulting in reduced natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

“The steel industry has already undertaken huge efforts to reduce emissions, and to go any further simply requires new technologies. This demo installation is just a first step for Tata’s IJmuiden plant. We are proud to be yet again the global leader for implementing environmentally friendly solutions with a strong business case.” says Gerard Jägers, Program Manager Energy Efficiency. A joint assessment of effects for a full-scale implementation of the EnergyNest throughout the IJmuiden facility shows impressive results: a 500 MWh TES can yield annual savings of 2.3 million GJ of natural gas (65 million Nm3) and 130.000 tons of emitted CO2. EnergyNest CEO Dr. Christian Thiel: “These savings compensate for annual CO2 emissions of 90.000 cars. And at the same time a full-scale implementation offers extremely attractive economics, which supplement such a project with a very healthy business rationale. We are very proud to support Tata Steel in its game-changing approach towards carbon footprint reduction.”

The EnergyNest TES technology is based on globally available materials that are fully recyclable. Due to its very low cost-base, a full-scale implementation in the IJmuiden facility – together with Jord as acting EPC – has a payback of less than three years, based on today’s natural gas prices. Should natural gas prices increase the payback period is reduced to less than two years. Adopting this innovative technology, Tata Steel IJmuiden will strengthen the facility's status as a global technology frontrunner.


Masdar Pilot: Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and EnergyNest initiated a comprehensive joint research project in 2013 for building and testing a 2 x 500 kWhth Thermal Energy Storage (TES) pilot. The pilot facility is now fully operational and has been validated by DNV GL with regards to operating temperature, energy storage capacity, and energy efficiency.

Flex Turbine™ GT250

Flex Turbine™ GT250
The Flex Turbine™ MT250 is a gas turbines with the ability to generate reliable, ultra-clean, continuous power from wasted or associated methane gas. The rugged design of these turbines make them particularly well-suited to the remote oilfield environment.

Flex Turbine™ GT333

Flex Turbine™ GT333
Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy from a rugged and efficient gas turbine. Now with increased power and efficiency.

Flex Turbine™ GT1300S

Flex Turbine™ GT1300S
Flex Turbine™ GT1300S Gas Turbine Generator:
- Microturbine technology – large scale output 1.3MW at ISO
- Four proven GT333S drivetrains in a single intermodal 40’ container
- Shared systems = reduced costs, built‐in redundancy & footprint
- Ease of installation & maintenance approach
- Consolidated fuel input – electrical output

Ener-Core Powerstation EC250

Ener-Core Powerstation EC250
The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low pressure, low quality gases which typically cannot be utilized or even flared. By integrating thermal oxidation with proven turbines, the system consumes the widest range of gases from 100% to as low as 1.5% methane – all while producing near-zero NOX emissions.

Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3GO

Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3GO
The Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3GO is the only clean power generation solution which runs directly on low-pressure, low-quality gases which otherwise cannot be utilized. The system integrates proprietary oxidation technology with a field proven 2MW-class Dresser-Rand gas turbine, efficiently generating electricity with near-zero emissions.

Green Gas Tandem Mixer

Green Gas Tandem Mixer

Green Gas Germany has installed over 50 projects since 2002 with so-called Tandem Mixer technology.
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